On Demand Search

Tap the Porter icon when you need to find information about movies, food, nightlife, and more! Using our advanced natural language processing algorithms, we determine the most relevant information to show you.

Secure and Anonymous

We do not store message texts on our servers. There are no user accounts and no login. All users are assigned a randomly generated, device-independent, anonymous UUID. Network communication is performed only over HTTPS. Data saved by PorterKey on your device is encrypted through Apple's data protection.

Customized To You

The Porter results you see are based on the conversation you were just having. No need to switch apps to find the information you need in the moment. Talking about grabbing lunch? Just hit the Porter icon to see the best places around you.

Only Near Your Location

PorterKey uses your location to recommend the most relevant options. You can either allow PorterKey to use location services, or manually input the zip code you are currently in. The suggestion and explore features of PorterKey require location information.

Everything You Expect

You don't need to sacrifice anything to use PorterKey. We have settings to toggle auto-correct, auto-capitalization, caps lock, and the period shortcut.

Optimized For Speed

PorterKey is designed to be fast, fluid, and responsive on all supported devices. We offload all expensive operations to background threads while optimizing our memory footprint to be as small as possible.

Tap To Paste

Whenever you scroll through search results and open up a detail page, just tap on what you want pasted into your message. All information PorterKey pastes is in plain text, meaning the only web links that appear are those you tap on.

No Surprises

Your trust and privacy are our top priority. The information you tap is the information that will be pasted into your message. PorterKey will only add a space to ensure any information you paste is formatted cleanly.

We will never send spam, nor share your email with third party advertisers.